What We Do

The Daggett County Auditor/Recorder's Office handles all Auditor and Recorder functions as mandated by Utah Code. They also handle all Human Resource functions for Daggett County.


The Recorder is the custodian of all recorded documents. Duties include:

  • The Recorder and Deputies record all documents presented and keep an entry record, grantor/grantee index, mortgage index, tract index, and lien index.
  • Prepare and keep ownership plats drawn to scale.
  • Assist customers in locating necessary information regarding land records in Daggett County and report all changes in recorded ownership of real property to the County Assessor.
  • Establishes Parcel Numbers and Serial Numbers for all newly created parcels of property.


The County Auditor is the Budget Officer of the County and prepares the tentative and the final budget according to Utah Code and all other needed or requested budget reports. Duties Include:

  • Sets the certified tax rates from which taxes are calculated.
  • Responsible for examining all department books and accounts and reporting any impropriety to the Commission.
  • All bills are submitted to the Auditor's office for payment and approval by the Commissioners. Upon approval, the Auditor's office prints the checks and, after released by the Treasurer, sends them out.
  • Administers all tax relief programs for county property owners.
  • When needed, the Auditor conducts the annual tax sale.
  • The Auditor is also the Purchasing Agent for Daggett County.

Personnel/Payroll/Human Resource

  • The Personnel/Payroll/Human Resource Office is responsible for:
  • Establishing and administering a personnel system.
  • Maintaining and updating the Personnel Policy Manual.
  • Administering the hiring process, applications and notices for new positions.
  • Administering payroll and all payroll reports.
  • Completing and filing Worker's Compensation Claims.
  • Filing Disability Claims.
  • Filing Grievances for employees.
  • Completing and filing of Unemployment Claims.
  • Coordinating Health Insurance Claims and Reimbursement.
  • Administering Utah State Retirement contributions for all employees.
  1. Auditor/Recorder

    Physical Address
    PO Box 219
    95 North 1st West
    Manila, UT 84046

    Phone: 435-784-3210
    Fax: 435-784-3009

    Monday through Friday
    8 a.m. to Noon
    1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
    Closed Holidays

  2. Auditor/Recorder Keri Pallesen

    Keri Pallesen


  3. Brianne Carter

    Brianne Carter

    Deputy Auditor/Recorder

  4. Deputy Auditor - Nancy Steib

    Nancy Steib

    Deputy Auditor/Recorder