Public Lands in Daggett County

The issue of Public Lands within Daggett County is critically important to Daggett County and most other counties in the intermountain west. The U.S. Forest Service controls approx. 257,486 acres which is 57.5% of Daggett County's acreage. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) controls 114,139 acres or 25.5% of the county's acreage, while the state of Utah controls 40,472 acres or 9.0% of the acreage within the county; part is Utah State Wildlife Reserves (9,610 acres) and the rest is State Trust Lands (30,825 acres). The remaining 11% or 50,070 acres is under private ownership. The Public Land ownership is both a blessing and a challenge. We enjoy some really beautiful areas with plenty of natural resources. How we interact with the federal and state agencies involved in the control and management of these lands is the crux of the issue with Public Lands.

Daggett County Commissioners have put together a group of citizens interested in the management of these lands and called it the Daggett County Public Lands Advisory Committee (DCPLAC). Some of the issues that the DCPLAC may advise the Commission on include: