2018-2019 Ordinances & Resolutions

Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder's Office.

2018 Resolutions & Ordinances

18-01 (PDF) Resolution to Re-Open Calendar Year 2018 Budget
18-02 (PDF) Resolution Approving Participation of Utah Counties Indemnity Pool
18-03  Not Approved 
18-04 (PDF) Resolution to Re-Open Calendar Year 2018 Budget
18-05 Not Completed 
18-06 (PDF) A Resolution Approving Interlocal Agreement and Ratifiying Repayment of Debt Owed To County and Transfer of Payment
18-07 (PDF) Resolution Opening and Amending 2018 Budget 
18-08 (PDF) Resolution for a Temporary Adjustment for New Job Wage Requirements Under the Rural Fast Track Program
18-09 (PDF) Resolution Establishing the Rules for the 2018 Tax Sale
18-10 (PDF) Ordinance amending the Daggett County Code-Land Use Regulations relating to Accessory Buildings
18-11 (PDF) Ordinance amending Title 5 of the Daggett County Code relating to the Traffic Code
18-12 This Ordinance/Resolution was not completed or approved
18-13 (PDF) An Ordinance Rezoning The Brady Subdivision From AG-20 To R-R-1/2
18-14 (PDF) An Ordinance To Abandon Daggett County's Interest In Two Sewer Lines in Dutch John
18-15 (PDF) A Resolution Requesting The Recertification Of The Daggett County Justice Court
18-16 (PDF) A Resolution Of Appointment Of A Daggett County Representative And An Alternate Representative For The Utah Counties Indemnity Pool Membership Meeting
18-17 (PDF) A Resolution Clarifying Current Dutch John Utility Water And Sewer Rates And Policies
18-18 (PDF) An Ordinance Amending Title 1 Chapter 6 of the Daggett County Code
18-19 (PDF) A Resolution to Reopen And Amend the 2018 Daggett County Budget
18-20 (PDF) A Resolution Authorizing the Execution Of A Quitclaim Deed For The Purposes Of Clarifying Current Title Ownership In Certain Non-Public Roads
18-21 (PDF) A Resolution Clarifying Current Dutch John Utility Water And Sere Rates And Policies 18-22 Resolution never presented, not needed
18-23 (PDF) A Resolution Establishing Cell Phone communication, Equipment Allowance, and Phone Cell Reimbursement 18-24 Not Approved
18-25 (PDF) A Resolution Adopting the 2019 Daggett County Budget
18-26 (PDF) An Ordinance Establishing And Affixing Salaries Of Elected Officials And Statutory Offices Of Daggett County for 2019
18-27 Not Completed Or Approved
18-28 (PDF) An Ordinance Setting The Commission Meeting Schedule For 2019

2019 Resolutions & Ordinances

19-01 (PDF) A Resolution Authorizing The Creation Of A Budget Advisory Committee

19-02 (PDF) A Resolution To Reopen Calendar Year 2019

19-03 (PDF) An Ordinance Adopting the Updated Daggett County Zoning Map

19-04 (PDF) A Resolution Establishing Method, Rules, and Procedures for the 2019 Tax Sale and Allocating Administrative costs to Delinquent Properties

19-05 (PDF) A Resolution of Municipal Opioid Cost Recovery And Public Nuisance Resolution

19-06 (PDF) An Ordinance Amending Title 8, Chapter 15, Short Term Rentals, of the Daggett County Code

19-07 (PDF) A Resolution Approving a Master Trails Plan

19-08 (PDF) A Resolution Amending Dutch John Utility Water and Sewer Rates and Policies

Ordinance Numbers not showing a link have not been passed or are in the process of being signed and recorded.