Dutch John Service Line Inventory

Mandatory Service Line Inventory

All water systems, including Dutch John Water, are required by the EPA  and Utah Division of Drinking Water to provide a full inventory of all water service lines. We are required to verify this information by October 2024. This is where we need YOU! 


How to Identify Your Service Line

Step 1: Locate where your service line enters your home. This is normally located at the lowest level of your home or business visible from a crawlspace or in a utility room. The test area described below, is the most representative portion of the service line that is used to verify material.

Step 2: Identify the test area. Find the water shut off valve and/or pressure reducer valve (PRV). The test area is located between the shut off valve to the floor or exterior wall. The PRV is normally located after the shut off valve. 

Pressure Reducer Valve
Shut off Valve

Step 3: The material type can be identified through a visual inspection, a scratch test, or magnet test. In some situations, the pipe can clearly be identified as plastic or copper. In other situations, due to corrosion the pipe needs to be scratched to reveal either a copper penny color, or silver color. If it is a silver color, the only way to distinguish between galvanized or lead is a magnet test, magnets will stick to galvanized but will not stick to lead.

Scratch Test

Step 4: Please submit your findings through this survey link. 

Water Service Line Material Survey

The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. If you are unable to locate and/or identify your service line and would like to schedule a time for us to complete the survey for you, please reach out to Trevor Brooksby via email or phone.


Identifying Service Line Material

Sources of Lead in Drinking Water

Let's Get The Lead Out

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