• Members of Team Asay display their 4 largest Burbot caught during the 2011 Burbot Bash
  • The Opening Ceremonies for the 2011 Burbot Bash were held at the Buckboard Marina
  • Team Asay checking in some of their big burbots.
  • Monster Burbot caught during the 2011 Burbot Bash
  • DWR staff and volunteers relax in between fisherman check ins.
  • After being checked in the tails are clipped, so a fish can only get counted once.
  • Donated Burbot were skinned and filleted for the fish fry at the Closing Ceremonies.
  • Utah DWR and Wyoming Game and Fish personnel and volunteers tagged over 500 fish and then verified the tags were working.
  • A small microchip was injected into more than 500 fish prior to the start of the 2011 Burbot Bash.
  • DWR Staff person measures a burbot before tagging it and releasing it in preparation for the 2011 Burbot Bash.
  • Photo of stomach contents of a large burbot including a smaller burbot!
  • Photo of a small paritially digested burbot found in the stomach of a larger burbot.
  • photo of participant in the 2011 Burbot Filet Contest
  • Photo of a bucket with several burbot that have been counted and scanned for a tag.
  • photo of three member of the Asay Team who caught over 400 burbot during the 2011 Burbot Bash
  • Photo of the winner of the Youth Smallest Burbot prize
  • Photo of TV Outdoor personality Adam Eakle interviewing a 2011 Burbot Bash participant

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