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Winter Recreation
Cross Country Skiing
The Flaming Gorge Resort has cross country skis available for rent. There are several trails in Daggett County and just over the line in Uintah County. There is even a Yurt that you can rent for you and your skiing buddies to spend the night in! Most campgrounds are closed in the winter, but dispersed camping is still allowed outside of the National Recreation Area.

Evergreen forest covered in snowSnowshoeing
Daggett County has lots of great places to go to enjoy the winter snows. The Red Canyon Lodge has information and snowshoes available for rent.

There are many who enjoy this sport in various areas of the county, but without any lifts, its a lot of work. Snowmobiles can be a fun way to get from the bottom back to the top, but beware of avalanche dangers.

Daggett County has several trails that extend all the way to Bear River Service. Extra fuel may be needed to complete this trip. The trails have the Red Canyon Lodge and Flaming Gorge Resort as starting or stopping points.

Downhill Skiing
Daggett County used to have a ski hill near the border of the county and Uintah County just off Highway 191. The Rope tow is no longer there. No new lifts or rope tows have been installed in the past 20 years.

Flaming Gorge has areas that freeze sufficiently for ice fishing, but it varies from year to year and caution should always be exercised. The Green River also has some great fishing during winter months!

More Information
The Dinosaurland Travel Board is preparing a Winter Recreation and Trail Guide that includes Daggett County and our neighboring counties. It should be available in January of 2007. Call there toll free number at (800) 477-5558 to get your copy or visit the Dinoland Website for additional information.

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