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SCUBA Diving in Daggett County
SCUBA Diving in Daggett County
When thinking of SCUBA Diving in Utah, the Flaming Gorge may not be at the top of anyone’s list, but there are some great opportunities for some interesting diving both in the Gorge and the Green River.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir
The cool temperatures of the Gorge and the high elevations make for some interesting opportunities and challenges. Spearfishing is an up and coming sport, and efforts to rid the Gorge of the voracious burbot are underway. Some divers are after the ever elusive and constantly changing Utah State records, while others just enjoy the opportunity to be underwater and see a variety of fish in their natural environments.

There are also interesting canyons and wrecks to explore within the waters of the Flaming Gorge. Check out this video of a dive on a truck in the lake near Cedar Springs.

The Green River below the Dam
Occasionally a dive is performed below the dam to help clean up objects lost in the river from fishing and rafting that occur in this area. In 2009 the date is set for May 23rd. Contact Atlantis Divers in Vernal at (435) 789-3616 for more information or to register. Must be an Advanced Open Water Diver with at least 50 logged dives to participate.

This page last updated: 04/03/2009

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