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Economic Development
The Daggett County Economic Development Office was established in the summer of 2005 by the Daggett County Commission. It was established to give a greater emphasis and better coordination of efforts of the many groups trying to build the area’s economy. The International Economic Development Council defines Economic Development as “a program, group of programs, or activity that seeks to improve the economic well being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs that facilitate growth and provide a stable tax base.”

Economic Development Efforts
The County Economic Development Board has been around for many years. The Board was re-established in 2003 and has worked hard to develop an Action Plan to guide the County’s economic development efforts. Some of the many groups and organizations involved in the County’s economic development efforts include:

2013 Action Plan

In 2004 the Daggett County Economic Development Board completed its Action Plan.  Over 300 projects/subprojects were identified that could help the economy of the area.  Many of these projects have been worked on and some have been completed.  For example, after being closed for several years, the Flaming Gorge Clinic was reopened, with new equipment, a local staff and a more robust schedule.  Efforts to secure a bank for the area lead to talks between the Market and Zion’s to get a state of the art teller machine located in the area.  Several Business Conferences have been held; the County and Chamber websites has been developed and improved; grants have been obtained to increase marketing and develop Flaming Gorge specific marketing materials.  Affordable houses were built and sold, a recycling coalition was formed. New events and activities were started and some are still continuing. Trails meetings and Timber development projects were pursued. The Museum board was reformed and has done a great job in developing the museum facilities behind the Courthouse.  A Library Board was formed and the Library was reopened for a short period and a library was created in Dutch John.  Resort facilities including conference space and an indoor arena have also been worked on.  For more information on upcoming projects and to provide input or assistance in accomplishing these projects follow the link to the 2013 Action Plan Items.


Goals established in the County’s Economic Development Action Plan include:
  • Working to educate, inform and promote the advantages and opportunities of life in Daggett County.
  • Enhancing the infrastructure and environment to enable businesses to develop and succeed.
  • Capitalizing on our area’s uniqueness to develop growth and diversification of business opportunities and facilities.
  • Developing strong, cohesive relationships between governmental entities, local businesses and local and neighboring communities.
  • While maintaining the County’s rural character, culture and lifestyle.

More Information

For more information on how the many groups and agencies are working to meet these goals please refer to the links on the left.

Uintah County is growing due to their continued committment to oil and gas exploration.  They hold an annual Energy Summit that is well attended and gives a great deal of insight into the future of the area.  Visit the Uintah County Website to view video of the various speakers. 

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This website has been produced with funding and cooperation from The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah)

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