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2014 & 2015 Ordinance And Resolutions
2014 & 2015 Ordinance And Resolutions
Daggett County Ordinances and Resolutions
These are digital versions of the original Ordinances and Resolutions passed by the Daggett County Commission. These documents are provided as a convenience only. The official copies are recorded in the Daggett County Recorder’s Office.

2014 Resolutions And Ordinances

14-01     Vehicle Leases
14-02      Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
14-03     Vehicle Lease
14-04 Justice Court Boundaries
14-05 Resolution Cancellation Of Debt
14-06 Water Lease With PPI, Inc.
14-07 2014 Tax Sale
14-08 In God We Trust
14-09 Resolution to approve 2014 Budget Adjustments
14-10 Ordinance to Amend Ordinance 13-23,  
                establishing salaries for 2014
14-11 Resolution 14-11 to reopen calendar year 2014 budget
14-12 A Resolution establishing payoffs and run reimbursements for the CCJR
14-13 A Resolution Establishing Payoffs And Run Reimbursements for the
                Cow Country Ranch Rodeo
14-15 Parcels Combined Martin
14-16 Separation Of the Cow Country Junior Rodeo from Daggett County
14-18 Dutch John Housing Incentive 14-19 Final Tax Rates

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