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Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR)
Many areas of the Country recognize Business Expansion and Retention programs as a valuable tool.  The State of Utah has embraced this program and provided funding to help rural counties work with local businesses in their efforts to stay in business and expand. A small amount of monetary assistance was provided to the counties to initiate the program and begin interviewing business managers and owners to determine the needs and desires of the businesses to expand. Another facet of the program is to bring resources to the businesses including training.

Business Expansion
Are you looking to purchase new equipment, buildings or large ticket items for your business?  Are you looking for a new location for your business in Daggett County?  If so give Tabitha Stewart, the County Economic Development Director at 435-784-3218 ext. 200 or contact her by email.  There may be incentives available or funding that could assist in your businesses growth.

Business Retention
Each business in Daggett County is important and if you are struggling or considering closing your business, please contact Daggett County Economic Development Director Tabitha Stewart to see if there are incentives to help you increase your business or cut your costs to help you keep your doors open. Call 435-784-3218 ext. 200 or email.

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