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Business Helps
We Want You to Succeed
Daggett County is very interested in seeing local businesses succeed. The County has been working with the Chamber of Commerce and the Dinoland Travelboard to promote the area and to continue quality events that draw and keep visitors in the area. The State of Utah has a variety of Incentive Programs in place that may be helpful to rural businesses.

Enterprise Zone
In Late 2004, much of Daggett County was declared an Enterprise Zone, which allows for qualifying non-retail businesses to get tax credits for expansion. In the spring of 2005 the 1st Business Conference was held at Manila High School and was very successful with over 100 people attending, including Governor Huntsman.

Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) Program
The County received a very small state grant during the past few years to assist in getting this program off the ground.  More information can be found by following the link to the Programs.

Economic Development Director
Economic Development Director Tabitha Stewart is working hard to learn about the businesses in the area and how best to assist them. She has developed a network of resources that can assist business owners and managers to be more efficient and successful. Whether you're looking for financing (including information about the Association of Governments Revolving Loan Fund), website assistance, marketing ideas, employment ideas, call her with your questions or problems at (435) 784-3218 ext. 200.

Additional Resources
There are tons of resources on the web and these are some of the most helpful:

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