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Fishing and Hunting in Daggett County
Fishing and Hunting in Daggett County
Fishing and Hunting in Daggett County are excellent! There are a variety of places to participate in these outdoor sports. Not all species are available in our county, but there are still an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while participating in these sports. Articles are often written about Hunting and Fishing in the area.

Fishing can be enjoyed in three different types of settings:
Fishing the Green River
The Green River Tailwater fishery is a fly fisherman’s paradise. From the Flaming Gorge Dam to Little Hole, there are seven miles of scenic canyons that supposedly contain the most fish per mile of any river in the country. They are usually easily seen, but not so easily caught. Bait fishing is prohibited, while catch and release is encouraged. Brown Trout and Rainbows are the most prevalent species in this section of the river. A trail runs from the Dam to Little Hole on the north side of the river, with the only access points being the Dam and Little Hole. Numerous guide services are available to help those new to the sport or new to the area. The fish see a lot of action throughout the year and are very wary, but the right fly and good presentation can lead to a successful fishing trip.

Fishing the Flaming Gorge
The 91 mile long Flaming Gorge has lots of space for fishing from the shoreline or a boat. Although Lake TroutKokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout are among the most popular sport fish on the lake, fishing for Smallmouth Bass is growing in popularity as the fish grow in size. Ling (burbot) have been introduced into the lake and need to be kept when caught. The Annual Burbot Bash, usually held in January, is an event to help reduce the number of Ling.The number of Lake Trout allowed to be harvested has increased, to allow some of the other species to continue to grow and mature. For the latest weekly fishing report from Utah Department of Wildlife Resources click here and then scroll down to FLAMING GORGE.

View a DWR and Salt Lake Tribune video of Monster Lake Trout

Fishing Mountain Lakes and Streams
There are many mountain lakes and streams filled with Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbows, and some that might have a Brook Trout or two. Brownie Lake, Sheep Creek Lake, Carter Creek, Cart Creek, etc. are some of the places that are not as well known, but can still provide some good fishing.

2011 Utah Fishing Guidebook
2010-11 Wyoming Fishing Regulations (3.22MB).

Hunting in Daggett County:
Deer and Elk are abundant and heavily hunted within Daggett County, while Moose, Mountain Lion, Antelope, Ducks and Geese are hunted in a more limited way.

2011 Utah Hunting Guidebooks.
2011 Wyoming Hunting Regulations.

Fishing and Hunting in Utah are controlled by the Division of Wildlife Resources. Utah Fishing and Hunting Licenses can be obtained online, as can the specific regulations. Nearby Wyoming is regulated by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, so make sure your get a copy of the current regulations and have a safe and fun time enjoying these outdoor sports in and around Daggett County.

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