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Flaming Gorge Reservoir is in the heart of Daggett County.  The following articles will keep you up to date on certain aspects of fishing and the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

According to the Deseret Morning News Flaming Gorge Reservoir ranks THIRD in the top 10 of favorite fishing holes in Utah!

To read the entire article  “Lots of great fishing in Utah”  
 Deseret Morning News by Ray Grass 06/07/07   

Additional articles on fishing and Flaming Gorge are listed below.
"Utah's Top 10 Fly Shops" on 11/12/2009

"Winter anglers need a slow, steady hand" Deseret News by Ray Grass 02/26/2009

"Stream bill would protect lawmaker's land" Salt Lake Tribune by Tom Wharton 02/25/2009

"Prettyman:  Finally, water lovers in the same boat" Salt Lake Tribune by Brett Prettyman 02/19/2009

"Mountain Fishing best - if you can afford gas" Deseret News by Ray Grass, 07/17/2008

Fish and People have Cause to Celebrate Enlarged Elkhead Reservoir
  The Nature Conservancy by Christina Broda-Bahm 07/09/07

Anglers are moving to the mountains for summer fishing  Deseret Morning News by Ray Grass 07/05/07

“Flaming Gorge remains open amid nearby fire closures”  ABC 4 News  07/03/07

“Enjoyment comes more than skill”  Deseret Morning News by Ray Grass 06/07/07

“Free Fishing Day Saturday _ Utah Waterways Being Stocked With Extra Fish”  KCPW by Lara Jones 06/07/07

A chance to “take me fishing’ this weekend   Daily Herald by Don Allphin 06/05/07

“Dentry: Lake trout mark is broken”  Rocky Mountain News by  Ed Dentry 06/04/07

“Lake Trout Bonanza” The Daily Herald on Tuesday, May 29, 200

“Finally going green”  The Denver Post on May 15, 2007

“Utah Wildlife agency gets a jewel on Green River”  Deseret News on Friday May 11, 2007

“May is great time to fish Flaming Gorge”  Deseret Newson Thursday, May 03, 2007

“Don Allphin Column for 1/16” – Burbot Daily Herald on January 16, 2007

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Flaming Gorge Country - Gateway to the Flaming Gorge