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The agricultural portion of the economy involves primarily beef production with some sheep also being raised. Daggett County's crops are the grasses and hays needed to feed the livestock during the fall and winter months.

The high altitude and mountainous climate make it difficult to grow other crops commercially. Many residents raise gardens for personal use, but the abundant wildlife often benefit more from these efforts than the gardeners.


Nearly 90% of Daggett County consists of federally or state managed lands, which provides plenty opportunities for recreation and employment for those working with the:

Other local government jobs include County and Municipal elected officials, their staffs and the jail staff at the Daggett County Jail.


The small permanent population in Daggett County only amounted to 921 people during the 2000 census. Estimates for 2005 place the population at 943. There are over 1100 residences in Daggett County, but only 25% are inhabited by year round residents.

Daggett County does not have any stop lights although we had two temporary lights in place during the summer of 2006 for road construction safety on the Flaming Gorge Dam and the Cart Creek Bridge.

Zip Codes

Daggett County has two zip codes: Manila (the only municipality) and surrounding areas are part of the 84046 zip code, while the area of Dutch John (which is managed by the County) and Greendale are part of the 84023 zip code. Those who reside in Brown's Park on the eastern end of the County get their mail through Maybell, Colorado, which is in Moffat County.