Greater Sage-Grouse Information

Environmental Groups have been petitioning for listing of the Greater Sage-Grouse as an Endangered Species. Many western states and local governments have been working to improve Sage Grouse habitat and document the real numbers. The BLM and USFS have recently "released final environmental reviews for land use plans in Utah that will help to conserve greater sage-grouse habitat and support sustainable economic development. The land management plans, developed during the past three years in partnership with the state and with input from local partners, will benefit wildlife, outdoor recreation, ranching and other traditional land uses that rely on a healthy sagebrush landscape." Many local governments (including Daggett County), and land groups feel that these plans are flawed and did not adequately take into account comments given during the process. Protests were filed in June of 2015.

BLM and USFS News Release (PDF)

Utah Fact Sheet (PDF)

Letter to Utah Congressional Delegation (PDF) regarding Greater-Sage Grouse and Resolution 15-15

Daggett County Resolution 15-15 (PDF) on Scientific Integrity and Greater Sage-Grouse

Daggett County Protest on BLM and Forest Service Greater Sage-Grouse Plans

Study of of increased pressure on animals as they are considered for listing as and endangered species