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Although Daggett County is Utah's youngest and least populated County, the area enjoys a rich and interesting history. The County broke off of Uintah County in 1918 and was named for Ellsworth Daggett who helped develop irrigation for the county. It's a recreation and scenic paradise with beautiful red rock canyons, lakes, rivers, and forests. Area photographs are available in our Photo Gallery. If you are a 4th Grade student working on your report visit our 4th Grade Page for additional information.


The County's economy is based primarily on:

  • Recreation
  • Agriculture
  • Government Work


Recreation in Daggett County means:

  • Camping
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Photography
  • Bird Watching
  • Four-Wheeling
  • Just plain old relaxing and enjoying life

For vacation information including lodging, restaurants and places to see, please visit the Chamber of Commerce website.

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