Daggett County Budget & Financial Information



The Daggett County Budget is prepared by the County Auditor with input from all of the departments that spend or receive county funds and with final approval from the County Commissioners.


A tentative budget is set and then Public Hearings are held to get input. The final budget is set by the Daggett County Commission following the annual budget hearing. There is a link to the budget below, it is also available at the Auditor’s office in the Daggett County Courthouse.

2022 Budgets

The 2022 Budget Hearings for the County Budgets, the RDA Budget, and the MBA Budget will be held on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Daggett County Courthouse, located at 95 N 1st W, Manila, UT, 84046

2021 Budgets

2020 Budgets

2019 Budgets

2018 Budgets

2017 Budgets

2016 Budgets


The county financial statements are audited by an independent outside auditor on an annual basis.

Other Financial Information

If you are interested in other financial information, please visit the Transparent Utah site below.

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