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The original item was published from 3/12/2008 9:21:44 AM to 4/19/2008 12:00:05 AM.

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Posted on: March 12, 2008

[ARCHIVED] Bare Root Trees Available

Tree Types and Information:
Amur Maple - ACER GINNALA Shrub or tree
15-20' Zone 3. Good for specimen or screen requiring little care. Very hardy and tough. Dense foliage, bright red summer fruit, fragrant flowers, vivid scarlet autumn color makes this an
excellent ornamental. Shrub form. Sweating recommended.

Rounded tree 60-70', Zone 3. Standard street and park tree. Dense dark green foliage. Bright yellow autumn color. Very adaptable tolerating many soil and climate conditions. Sweating recommended.

Black Walnut - JUGLANS NIGRA 80-100',
Zone 4. Fast growing, high branched popular hardwood tree. Nuts are thick shelled, full flavored. Tolerates colder climates. Good shade

Littleleaf Linden - TILIA CORDATA To 90', Zone 3. Excellent shade tree for anywhere and grows well in cities. Often preferred to our native Tilia americana. Small white to yellow
flowers with heart shaped leaves.

Siouxland Poplar - POPULUS X DELTOIDES
'SIOUXLAND' 60-80', Zone 3. A superior cottonless cottonwood introduced by S.D. State University. Pyramidal, very fast growing shade tree. Tolerates alkaline conditions and pollutants.

50', Zone 2. A beautiful, fast growing native tree that is extremely cold hardy. Green, heart shaped leaves flutter in the slightest breeze.
Brilliant yellow, rarely red fall color

Chokecherry - PRUNUS VIRGINIANA To 25',
Zone 2. Racemes of white flowers, red to purple fruit good for jelly and syrup. Gives good display of autumn color. Drought and heat tolerant.

Purple Lilac - SYRINGA VULGARIS Shrub 12-20', Zone 3. Fragrant lilac blossoms in May. Attractive green foliage. Good for screen. Sweating recommended.

10', Zone 3. Glossy dark green leaves, rosewhite flowers in clusters followed by black fruit persisting into winter. Excellent dense screen, wildlife habitat, shelterbelt filler. Red fall color.

Late Lilac – SYRINGA VILLOSA Shrub 9’,
Zone 2. Very hardy. Blooms later than other lilacs. Flowers very light rosy lilac to white.

Nanking Cherry – PRUNUS TOMENTOSA 9-
10’, Zone 2. Very hardy, attractive, flowering ornamental; windbreak filler; fruit used for jam and jelly.

Oakleaf Sumac – RHUS TRILOBATA 6-8',
Zone 2. Medium informal shrub. Clumping habit makes a natural low hedge. Brilliant yellow to red fall color. Very drought tolerant.

Golden Currant – RIBES AUREUM 3-6', Zone
2. Erect shrub. Clusters of 2” long bright fragrant, golden yellow flowers. Edible fruit attract birds. Native to the western U.S. Good red fall color.

Red Osier Dogwood - CORNUS SERICEA 7-
10', Zone 2. Colorful all year. Grows rapidly to multi-stem shrub. Ideal for holding soil on steep banks.

Manchurian Apricot - PRUNUS ARMENIACA
'MANDSHURICA' To 25', Zone 4-5. Very hardy. Quality fruit suitable for home use.

Norway Spruce - PICEA ABIES 100-150' Zone 2. Very fast growth. Valued most for windbreaks in cold areas and timber production. Extremely hardy and wind resistant.

Ponderosa Pine – PINUS PONDEROSASCOPULORUM To 150', Zone 4. Black Hills, SD seed source preferred for difficult, dry locations. Bark is nearly black, deeply furrowed. Suited for ornamental, wildlife or timber plantings.

100', Zone 2. Beautiful slow growing tree, but allow enough room. Good wind screen, Bluish to green foliage. Widely planted across the country.

Scotch Pine (Austrian Strain) - PINUS
SYLVESTRIS ‘Austrian Hills’ 40-80', Zone 3-4. A fast growing strain, widely planted species in landscaping, along roads, for dense windbreaks or screens. Recommended for colder, drier climates where other strains may burn.

For more information, or to place an order, contact:
Darrell Gillman at (435) 722-4621 Ext. 127; BILL RASMUSSEN AT (435) 789-2100 Ext. 137; William Merkley at (435) 722-4621 Ext.123; or Craig Poulson at (435) 722-4621 Ext. 112

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